People of Song

People of Song

Namibian-German Artist Collective

Development of a Namibian form of music theater involving various art disciplines

In 2023 we would like to build on the success and cooperation philosophy of Namibia's first opera from 2022 and develop new projects based on this model through the experience and contacts gained. In a Namibian-German artist collective we would like to create our own genre that focuses even more on traditional Namibian music. In a kind of musical identity research, new forms of composition and piece development are to be tried out. Dance, body percussion, electronic music, traditional instruments and/or different languages and dialects of Namibia will be part of the concept phase. In contrast to traditional European opera, individual figures should not be occupied by soloists, but by choirs.

The implementation takes place through a collective working method and the associated joint development of the content on an equal footing. The cooperation is based on the understanding that we cannot change our history, but can shape the future together. The aim of the cooperation is an international exchange at eye level in order to develop new forms of music theater. It is sung in the various Namibian languages and in German. The resulting work is to be composed throughout 2023, tried out with choirs in Namibia and further developed.

You will find more information here shortly.
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